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The Future of RIT Racing

Starting in 2023, RIT Racing has begun the development of a hub motor car with intent to compete in the next two years with the concept.  Keep on the lookout for further development and ways you can get involved in the next era of RIT Racing


F30: 2021-2023

4th Overall at Michigan

F30 was able to take its place as fourth overall in a field of 72 teams FSAE Michigan, making it the fastest single inboard motor FSAE car in North America. With the teams' endless dedication and long nights in the shop, F30 was the latest vehicle to pass tech since competing with F26 in 2018. 

F28: 2019-2021

2nd in Design at Las Vegas and Michigan

RIT Racing continues to show its ability to succeed with the development of F28. A car originally intended as the competition vehicle for 2020, F28 has become a symbol for the struggles of the pandemic and a sign that the team can overcome anything.


E2: 2017-2018

Taking on the Electric Competition

E2 was RIT Racing's most competitive outing yet with an electric car.  Thanks to several months of testing and development, E2 was able to Win its Endurance event en route to a 2nd place finish in the Formula North competition


E1: 2016-2017

The Start of the Electric Era

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